Once Upon a Time in a Bar

The stranger shook the empty glass he was holding meaningfully. “The end of the world, more or less. I couldn’t get some more of these could I?”

The barman took the glass off him and quickly filled it with vodka and passed it back. “But, surely you can stop it, surely someone can stop it? Surely you can do more than just drink cheap vodka in a bad bar?”

“I’ve tried three times, I’ve failed three times. I might have even made it worse, It’s hard to tell. And I disagree, I think I'm drinking bad vodka in a cheap bar.”

“I won’t accept there’s nothing you can do, not if you can time travel, you could solve anything with time travel, can’t you?”

“Ok, what would you suggest.”

“Well, I guess the most obvious solution is to go back in time to before the chain of events even started and stop them, you know, kill the bad guy before he’s a bad guy.”

The man took a large gulp of vodka. “Kill someone for something they haven’t done yet? Does that seem right to you?”

“If it saves the world, I think so.”

The man produced what looked like a very efficient pistol. “And what if it’s you Thomas J Slynt, what then?”

The End

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