Stranger In The Night

So it started as any regular night after school. After fighting off my 8 year old sister, for the last can of spam in the refrigerator. That being the only thing available for dinner, as usual. On a count of my fat hag mom spends all of the money she makes on satellite t.v. and an up to date movie collection... But thats neither here nor there..

    So I left the one bedroom trailer to meet up with Jackson to go throw eggs at trucks off the bridge overlooking the highway..  ah back in those days there was nothing I liked more then the sound of a fresh egg cracking on the windshield of a transport truck doing 130km/hr. Now the sound I adore the most is the sound of any random sharp object piercing the skin of a strange and possibly innocent monster.

WHAM It went! I stayed there laughing my head off as Jackson bolted down the street after I threw my first egg.


Jackson turned around and walked back towards me in shame.

"Come on Jackson, give one a toss.."

"Well as long as you will respect me... I guess"

Jackson hurled his egg at the first transport he saw and watched as it splattered on the windshield. The truck slammed on its break causing the trailer to fish tale to the side blocking the whole highway as cars behind crashed into it. The man driving the truck got out and looked up at us as we stared back. The Man stretched his arms  up to the bridge while also stretching his legs.. Like some kind of hideous limb stretching monster! He pulled himself up and spoke..

"Just what do you two little pricks!! Think your doing!!?"


The End

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