I Don't Need Any One. Besides, What Do You Know?!

I toss.

I turn.

I feel ill and I can't breath. Lord help me. I say a silent prayer and my breath grows quicker. I'm alone. Why isn't anyone here? Why am I alone? Does everyone hate me? Are they avoiding me? Why can't you hear me?! Are you listening?! Look at me!!! I'm laughing. I'm actually laughing and I want to scream and cry but you won't hear me. You don't care do you? Do you?! A small bead of moisture rolls down my cheek and I scrub at it furiously with the duvet. I'm not crying. I don't cry.  I realise I was thrashing around in the darkness. The doors shut but i'm self conscious. If anyone knew. If they saw what I was going through. Believe me they would hate it.

The End

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