Forty Minutes. Of What?

<Call Active>

"I'm not a druggy"

"Oh Hi then Johnny."

"What you up to?"

"I'm on the trampoline."

"Still? How long has that been?"

"Five hours and twenty three minutes exactly."

"Are you ok?"

"Most certainly. Have you left tecos? You were there with Carlos about six hours ago."

"Yes,yes I have."

"Cool. Are you playing the piano?"

"Yes. Wanna hear?"

At this point I am just listening. Four minutes later.

"Wow! You're pretty good. But, that was either the sax or bagpipes."

"Was not."

"Was too."

"Ok, I'll play and sing."

"Fine. Go on then."

He sings me 'She's so lovely' by Scouting for Girls. And Coldplay.



"But that couldn't have been the sax or the Bagpipes 'cause I was singing and playing."

"Yes it could."

"How Eloise? How exactly? Hmm?"


"Oh god here we go on an Eloise Convo."

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interupted, You could have a mouth in the back of your head like most people."

"Thats eyes."

"What Johnny?"

"Most people have eyes in the back of their head."

"No, 'cause you say that you have eye-... Oh..."

"Yes well..."



"What now?"

"Eloise, I am not kidding but this cat just walked into my house and it's not mine."

"Oh cool! Chuck it!"

"No! Haven't got the heart!"

"Me either"

I say with a sigh. I run up to my room and lay on my side twisting my hair around my fingers.

"So... Watcha gonna do about Mike?"

"Leave it."


"'Cause really I want him to feed me strawberrys and brush my hair. Why do I want this? Other people just like them. Cosmico."


"No! No ahh 'cause its never gonna happen. I wanna break his heart like he's breaking mine."

"But he doesn't know!"

"I don't care! It's his fault!"









"Me too"


"Hey Eloise! Do you realise we have been on the phone for forty minutes? I-"

Beep Beep Beep

<Call Disconnected>

The End

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