It's Happened!!!!



"I'm cold"


"So, be loving and hug me or something."


"Well, I'm cold. Do you want me to die?"


"Don't answer that!"

"Here, come a bit closer."


"You said you were cold. I was gonna put my arm round you!"

"Oh ok. But people will think we are going out."

"Is that a bad thing?"

OMG this is my dream moment coming true!

"I guess not"

"Eloise, your hair smells nice, like a marshmallow."

"You know? Thats real sweet."

"I am."

His eyes meet mine. I huddle underneath him, smelling his sweet breath. He pulls me closer. Everything fades. It's just you and me. We get closer and closer. Almost touching. Then out of no where you put and pink marshmallow into my mouth. I giggle and he hugs me close. I'm so happy.

Ok, I'm a compulsive liar.

The End

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