Confessions of a Confused Blonde


Ok, so you know how people realisthey are messed up? Well I am. You know the worst thing? I have a huge mouth and my feet go in in about four times a day. I'm so used to it now, I should be used to it. It was him and her and the other her and the other him and... was there another? Oh yes! Me. Me and Johnny were IMing last night. I didn't get what IM stood for until he told me. For you fellow blondes it means Instant Messaging. Not massaging


Johnny: Who are you?

Btw I have a new IM name so he doesn't get it. I thought he was playing so I put

Me: Hey um who is this?! X

Johnny: Who the hell are you?

Me: Who are you? Lollageness

Johnny: How did you get this IM address

Me: Amy

Johnny: Parker?

Me: Yep

Johnny: No

Me: Blimmin' hell! Run out of characters. Just let me add some. Oh and it's Eloise.

Johnny: Oh I thought it was you! Language miss Gellian.

Me: Oh calm down all I said was blimmin' hell.

Johnny: What?

Me: Wow I can text while doing the splits. Got Mike's digits.

Johnny: Okee 

Me: Lollage

Johnny: Yepp

Me: OMG! Why? Oh and Poppy sang about Ellen. She was really nice about her. I would have been mean if I went through all that.

Johnny: Tell her to scrap the bloody song.

Me: She said Ellen is perfect, shes all he wants. What she has, is what I want. Those greens as jealous as fy.

Johnny: Thats no why I want her to scrap it.

Me:Foot. Consumed by gob. =(

Johnny: I love Ellen but she doesn't love me. I don't know if i'll ever love again.

Me: Please don't listen to the song.

Johnny: Tell her to scrap it

Me: Why do you then?

Johnny: She said it was over and I don't want you to tell anyone.

Me: You shouldn't trust me.

Johnny: Well i've learnt all this the hard way.

Me: I don't know what to say. Do you love Ellen?

Johnny: I love Ellen but I may have a crush on Poppy. DON'T tell her.

Me: Oh yes and by the way I learnt too many things the hard way. XxX And promise I won't tell.

Johnny: Sounds about right.

Me: You were eco building Yeass?

Johnny: Yepp. You and Amy said to follow my heart but it snuck up behind me and bit my bum. :()

Me: G2g and have a bath. XxX See ya!



He's too cut up.





The End

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