Rockin' the Boat

Hey fellow readers,

Life is hard as an aspiring writer, I know this because I have yet to win any writing competitions. I know it is hard out there, but it does eat away at you slowly, leaving you with the feeling of "what if this isn't for you?". The CBC competition ate my soul for the last three or so months and today I found out that not only did I get my soul back unchanged, but that it didn't even register on their top fifty finalist sheet. 

But anyway, I know that you readers don't come here to read that sort of complaint, but it was on my mind and I needed to get rid of the thought somehow. Now onto the juicier things.

BFF has recently informed me that she will be staying with D. the whole weekend because she needs a break. Hm, are there some waves rocking her love boat? Look out BFF, I see a tsunami coming your way and if you don't keep a lookout then your romance might be drowned in all the drama. 

TDD has once again exited my radar. He and D. shared a very drunken text conversation over the weekend. I very stealthily asked him if there were girls where he was and he answered yes, but continued texting me nonetheless... hm, what is this? Does it look like the player is reforming? Hanging up the player jacket before my eyes? I can't say for sure yet, but I will see as the time passes, after all, he is TDD. BFF is still against TDD, but I always say: you don't know till you try... right?

Anyway, I will tell you more soon.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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