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Hey fellow readers,

So, one of you have told me that you wish to know what is happening in the life of D. I must say, this is a rather interesting challenge, since a lot has happened. Not all can be said for obvious length limitations and privacy reasons. 

Hm, where to start? 

I could start with Half-full and how she randomly showed up at a club with her friends when BFF number one, and BFF number 2 decided with me that she would not be joining us. After eying BFF number one's boyfriend during a drunken night at a bar and being so wishy-washy with everything in her life, Half-full isn't very high on our list. 

BFF (the original) is having some personal problems with her man, but of course, what man is perfect? I do understand that when a man says a simple 'I love you' within the first four or so months, that he may be trouble down the line (because seriously, isn't that just too good to be true?). But BFF has a very picky palette, let's see where this ends up. 

Smiles has become very 'friendly' with LIKE and I have moved on from admiration. I truly could care less now, if they both want to be little gossipers together then let them be so. D. is tired of the drama and has long given up on entering a conversation with the two (especially when LIKE gives me the cold shoulder when Smiles isn't around). 

TDD. Don't be mad with D. About a month or two without speaking caused him to randomly contact me. HE was the one to ask me to hang out the first...second time. He is still in my "I don't know list". BFF is very against us, she believes that he isn't good enough and that I shouldn't even give him a second glance. What do you, optimistic readers, believe? Do you stand by BFF or do you have other things to say?

MILO is a friend that I haven't talked to in a while. Finally, after months of not talking (thanks to my lousy, undecided ex), we had a pow-wow over tea, hot choco, and a donut that my mother should never know about, and I think that this could be the start of a beautiful year. The little (bad word of your choice) told her lies and deceived us both.

Note to you readers, when a man says that he doesn't know what he wants you two to be, and sides with your friend in an argument (especially without putting your emotions into consideration), it is time to see him/her go. Seriously, walk away from that sinking Titanic. And just as a simple add on, he is not a man, but a boy. ALWAYS remember that.

That's enough for now, I have the week off from school so I will try to keep this up.

Till next time, 

Love always,


The End

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