All the Gossip I have Missed

Hey fellow readers,

I must admit, this whole school thing is kicking me in the--- well, you know. But with passing grades and endless hours of sleepless nights, I have had several mishaps with romance. As always. I am D. after all.

Where can I begin? Of course, how about with Half-full? What about her? I don't know anything about her life anymore, she has disappeared and is most likely awaiting a text message from me. Not going to happen... just yet.

BFF? She is happily in a relationship and the two of them occasionally use D.'s bed as a recreational area. Trust me, if I could I would clean sweep all of it.

TDD? Out of my life. How many of you feel proud of me for giving up this dangerous addiction? A few chosen words from him and I was walking out the door. If you don't want all of D., you don't get any part of her.

The one intriguing case is Smiles. I find conflicting emotions with him. Of course, being utterly gorgeous helps his case too. A new girl, let's call her Like, because that is her favorite key phrase, has walked into our lives and is trying to steal the uninterested attention of Smiles.

But of course, I do feel the pangs of jealousy every so often, but let's be honest, D. is going through a dry spell that doesn't really want to end. School is the best distraction and boys bring only disaster.

Till who knows when,

Love always,


The End

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