A Little Heart-to-Heart Update

Hey fellow readers,

I admit, it has been a while. When you're in school and you have a hectic schedule you will understand.

Much has happened in the TDD front. I know that I vented about how hurt I was before, but a lot has happened!

Half-full again, offered me to hang out on Friday, but was no where to be found when I sent her a text message. Uh-oh, someone is getting reckless, and their mess with me is going to need a lot more than a simple cleaning spray. This is one smudge in your friendship folder that won't go away. Careful Half-full, D. is onto you.

As for TDD, well, we have established that we do care for each other, but are just at different points in our lives. You all must know of the guy's "need" to be single in the early twenties so that they don't feel like they have missed out when they get serious with a girl? Something like that. But I have stated that I am not that type of girl and that when he wants to get serious then he can give me a call.

But I finally got him to text me first, cheers!

I think this tidbit of information should do for today, I might add on more tomorrow.

Till next time,

Love always,


p.s. Smiles knows now about Dis, he won't stop talking about how he is in the same class as him, and now he mysteriously dislikes him... hm, loyalty?

The End

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