No Girl Can Ever Change Him

Hey fellow readers,

This whole love affair business is tiring me out and I just want to kick back and relax...but I can't. As always.

Love is fresh in my mind and I just wish I could delete it like a bad sentence in a meager love story. But alas, this is reality. I have been reminded once more of why I do not give into temptation; I now am the sole heir to the role of hypocrite for believing that someone could ever change.

Moving from me, BFF came today with boy candy to offer me company. Their love smooches nearly sent my heart over the edge and by the end of the night I was wincing in pain every time they shared an I want you look. Sigh. Also, turns out, this friend has been brought back down to Half-full because she is still giving me the same crap, feels too sorry for my loveless life to hang out with us and her boyfriend, because not only would I be the fifth wheel, but come on, D. would be so heart broken.

Save me the pity party, please.

I was insulted that not only could she not display her honest thoughts to me, but she could easily tell BFF. Am I such a sad specimen that someone like Half-full has to feel sorry for me?

Well, shall we do a recap and a personal math lesson?

TDD+A bit of spice from Half-full+plus BFF promising me that no girl, not even myself could ever change TDD+a few drinks= A heart broken D. who can't help but feel some pity upon herself.

Cosmopolitan told me that when you are in said mood it is multiplied to be far worse than it originally was when you drink.

I believe this to be true.

This is why boy drama needs to be cut from my life.


Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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