The Text After The Storm

Hey fellow readers,

So today I got a very interesting text message. Guess who the sender was... can't get it? TDD. Now, it was very sweet and I now know that I am on his mind. Maybe there is a rainbow in my love life after the storm of nothingness.

Basically, not a lot happened today, I went to class and I had a good time text messaging TDD. He was very smooth in his talking and I definitely got a different opinion and feel from this time around.

Maybe a girl just needs the occasional storm in her life to add a little spice. This is going to be interesting and his birthday will be brilliant.

Watch out TDD, D.'s gained some confidence and she's looking at you.

BFF's new boy has found me on facebook and interesting how her relationship status is single, while his is so devoted to "in a relationship"; funny how things happen in less than 3 weeks.

Remember fellow readers, much like everything that you see, not everyone is what you imagine them to be. Everyone has a secret.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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