Change Of Roles

Hey fellow readers,

Today D. learned some very interesting facts about a close friend. These facts will go with me and my confidant to the grave, but I must say, the things people think about.

Today I had class with Smiles and we had a catching up schedule set. A couple hours of friendly conversation and a few flirtatious lines later, I found myself floating over the sea of attraction I had felt once before. This could be troublesome.

In other news, I am updating Half-Full to Understated, because she has done well. After fixing the mishap from last week, we met up today and discussed several issues, turns out she, much like BFF, has become a one man woman; what is this? Is there some memo that I missed?

I received some feedback from several boys about ways that I can enjoy myself more when on dates with the girls at clubs. Remember, confidence is key.

I won't mention who, but someone I know needs to realize that some words may be too much for others to handle; not everyone needs to know the whole truth, just several sentences of it.

No one likes a bragger.

I am excited to see Eyes next Monday, I estimate this to be a very interesting year indeed. As for Smiles, he is a friend who will forever remain cute, but can I move to that next step so he won't forever be just a friend? His opinion of Dis isn't any better than mine, and trust me, that definitely works in his favor.

I still have several more days of school before TDD's birthday bash this weekend. That ship has sailed and I no longer hope much for him, but it will be an interesting night. Let's hope BFF doesn't bail again.

I think friendships and relationships are about to change in D.'s top ten list. Can you guess who is taking the first place ribbon?

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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