The Curves Of Love

Hey fellow readers,

So today was a long, albeit interesting, day.

In one of my classes I met, more caught a glimpse of, a guy that looks a lot like a past crush of mine; let's call him SF (Sexually Frustrated) because though he loves his girlfriend, he also loves a good naughty text from D. What a dangerous boy I've found.

This new guy, let's call him Eyes, because honestly, he thinks I didn't see him, but I saw his gaze. I love a guy with a curious stare. Eyes is better looking than SF and not Italiano like SF, so the initial attraction that I feel for the dark haired, olive skin toned race is not present. Yes, I have a slight knack for Italianos.

I also had a class with Smiles today, his cute little old self was all hugs and I didn't mind since he smelled very attractive. I might be having a catching up session soon, so I am definitely looking forward to that one. I like to have a glance into the mind of a lust-worthy Italiano.

In other news, BFF is officially a one man girl; sorry Studlyman, seems like you're out of the picture for good and BFF isn't showing any battle wounds. My, how fast a heart changes.

Today I saw the arm candy of my Italiano friend and she looked pretty happy, occasionally dropping his fine name into our conversation. Oops, she doesn't know that D. knows her ill-kept secret of a relationship. Things travel quickly in the land of education.

Seems like the year is turning a bend and with these eyes closed surprises are popping at me out of nowhere; I wonder what the next curve holds in store for me. Never sleep with both eyes closed, you never know what you might miss.

Till next time,

Love always,




The End

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