The Past Washes Away And The Present Is A Dirty Clean

Hey fellow readers,

As you all know, last night offered me dramas in ways that I had not planned for. In case any of you need me to clarify anything: my step-father and I have set aside both of our differences. My mom woke me up this morning to ease any nightmares that I might have been having.

BFF left last night with her new beau, who, I must say, is rather attractive and sweet. Studlyman was officially kicked from the scene as a text declaring just friends greeted them at the doors of their false relationship. BFF needed a lot more than the couple of Gin and Tonic servings in her veins to know that he was a dud instead of a stud. Let's clap for her new found sight shall we?

Half-full has appeared again. An explanation of nerves and stress washed away our differences and I admit that I am curious to see what is next; I will keep you posted on that one.

As for the part you all love, my severely extinct love life. LAE worked today as well and so did his brother. Now, I am not one to give false hope, but isn't it odd when you get a strange look from the one brother that I would steer clear from? Work is such a promising location.

Tomorrow is time for a full schedule of school and I apologize if my posts come in a bit later in the day, but they will come. Wish me luck.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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