Sordid Drama

Hey fellow readers,

I understand that yes, I am writing in here once more, and that yes I should be out right now. But what I don't understand is the twist that fate has brought me.

I guess I can't simply write the dramas of several love lives (including my own) without analyzing other dramas in my life.

I guess I am about to be very lenient on my rule of only one post a day, but let's be honest: when a girl needs to vent, she needs to vent.

BFF recently had a change of heart due to an unfit stomach and my chance at a fleeting romance, that of course would have been one sided, is gone; brushed away by the tricky sleeve of fate.

Also, with that being said, it does not mean that my life is peachy now. Not only is the prospect of a little alcohol and flirtation gone, but my mom is most likely disappointed in me because I deflected a bad joke from my step-father.

Do all mothers take their partner's sides in every argument that your step-fathers commence with you? Or am I simply being overly childish about this? I tried to call a truce, but to no avail. Now they are both most likely sitting in their room counting the ways to set me straight.

Seems my love life is not the only tragic event of my life. I ruin any warmth that may come at me with a cold front that has eventually caused a massive storm in my life. This storm can be called Miserable, because with all honesty, this is not fun.

I am starting to lose hope and it is only the third week of September. Catch a horrid, blackened glimpse at the mind of D.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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