Bar Blues

Hey fellow readers,

Last night was a fluke; I only drank one cup of soothing smoothness and we stayed inside doing zip.

Apparently tonight will be the night that we go and potentially see TDD after two weeks of no sightings. Of course, every juicy moment will be discussed tomorrow, promise.

A mention of Studlyman was made last night as BFF pleaded her case as to why she should still have hope for him. Let's be honest here BFF, the choice between a massage giver and a non-message sender is not so complicated. Funny how some women can't see what they have until it is miles away.

Would you think that workplace romances would work? (Pardon the pun) Not that I am overly eager for such an experience, but I have to admit, let's call him LAE (Looks Aren't Everything), has been quite a good piece of company these last few months. I think the name would be obvious, so an explanation is not required.

He teases me and yet gets along with me well and we often get lost in our conversations; too bad it would be too awkward.

I'm tired from work, but I have to suck it up and smile tonight for the sake of enjoying a nice cold drink.

A bar after work must be a playground for actors; not everyone is meant to be there getting drunk, but a lot of them are much more eager than they seem, a drink will easily make their day disappear.

Let's hope a drink makes my love life reappear. Horoscope says that my love life will get a spark tonight, let's hope for the best; this heart is yearning for a little rhythm.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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