Cold Winds Of Love

Hey fellow readers,

Tonight might be an interesting night for me and my decision to stay boy drama free may be near extinction, that is, if I see TDD.

BFF is grabbing a speedy bus down to where I reside to spent a most adventurous weekend with me, despite the hours that I will be working in the morning. Her decision between two love stricken boys is becoming heated and Studlyman looks like he might just lose out. Look out sir, you're about to get hit with a surprise attack.

Maybe a couple of drinks will make me lose interest in the thoughts that haunt me of past loves gone awry, but then again, these are trying times; we are in an slump as a society.

I can't keep my mind off of a specific someone who gives me even shivers to introduce in this little run-on speech.

My cell phone is growing cold; is it too soon to assign myself a love-free school year? I don't like seeing others' gardens blossom with roses and whatnot, while mine remains cold and colorless.

Seems the cold is reaching me before the wind has a chance to pick up.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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