An Italiano Cures Any Headache

Hey fellow readers,

Today has been a very stressful day.

Not only was the location of a class changed, but I also had to dish out almost two hundred dollars for books. The life of a poor student.

Leaving that topic behind, I had a class with an old friend of mine today, another very handsome Italiano, I think we should call him Smiles; because honestly, he is all smiles. Let's not forget that he is seriosly cute.

Speaking of Italianos, my new class also plays host to some sights that make my eyes water, like a mouth does when it sees a thick piece of chocolate cake. Yum. I love those Italiano men, great species.

BFF's man promises more and more excitement in her future, I don't know fellow readers, but I'm smelling perfection. I think BFF will have a good learning experience with this one. Studlyman has not been mentioned once this week, we're making progress.

By the by, a gorgeous guy works at the bank, eyed my curiosity a few times, maybe I should visit more often?

Till next time,

Love Always,


The End

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