Toronto Makes A Great Love Interest

Hey fellow readers,

I love Toronto; all the sights, all the people, and all the boys.

Rumor has it that my Italian Stud of a friend has a new arm candy, I love summer hookups. Half-Full is considered out of the picture due to the ditch job she pulled on me yesterday; no call, no warning, that just doesn't go well with D.

BFF's new man not only professes his love through food, but also through a massage. Seems like Studlyman has his work cut out for him.

As for me, well, I've seen my fair share of attractive men today; no Dis spotted today, thankfully, but if I do manage to unfortunately come across him, let's hope that he's gained some weight.

Seems like school isn't the only trend this fall, I feel that love is creeping into the bustling air before the leaves even have a chance to fall. I hope my love life stays intact with the branches of my life.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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