Temptation Comes In Every Form

Hey fellow readers,

Have you ever had any of those naughty dreams about boys that make you wake up shivering with anticipation for the day? Well, let me assure you, it isn't easy to be having these said dreams when I have vowed off of boy drama. Whether it be receiving that much awaited phone call or text message, or just a fantasy kiss; these guilty dreams will cause much havoc in your heart.

I think I have managed to stay clear of the disastrous storm that is TDD by not giving in to the temptation of contacting him.

Dear me, I say I am on a roll with this whole new life sort of thing.

In other news, BFF, let's call her that, has found herself another charmer; wonderful cook and potential poet. Sounds great right? But then, why can't she get her mind off of Studlyman who offers only looks and a soft side that only she can see?

Let's face it girls, when we're 'in love' we only see what we want to believe.

Till next time,

Love always,


The End

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