Horoscopes Of An Invisible Love Life

Hey fellow readers,

It's still early on this side of the planet and I know I won't be witnessing any cute men at home due to the holiday season. One day off equals one day less of guys. Which could be good in the long run.

My horoscope tells me that I call the shots with a guy who asks me out today; chances are that the only person asking me out is my mom asking me to take the garbage out.

Today is the deadline I set for myself to text message TDD, but I am going to fight the urge, if I don't make it, then my fight would be lost. What do you think? Should I text him?

School also starts the day after tomorrow and there is a particular someone I wish not to see, let's call him Dis, short for Disqualified. Ruined my love life for second year. Sightings of him this year will hopefully be limited.

Now I am off to enjoy a movie where Heath Ledger looked quite splendid.

Till next time,

Love always,


P.S. How does it make sense that TDD doesn't want a relationship, but then sends me mixed messages and a promise to hang out? This is going to be a complicated year.

The End

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