Characteristics of Men

Hey fellow readers,

What are some of the temptations that entice me to return to my habit? The list is short and simple, and you may find some of these little quirks might be tempting to you as well:

  • The Smell of the most sexiest cologne ever... at least, that's what you think at the moment and all you can think about is getting a little too close... despite the age and looks of the guy.
  • Most obvious: Boyish good looks, so what if he may be dumb? You are just as attracted.
  • Charisma: He may be the best looking one out there, but let's be honest: without a flare you've got nothing. To me, a look is all it takes and I am thinking about him for hours.

I have been cursing myself over a man that embodies all of these qualities, but yet fails to send me a single text message to alert me that he is thinking about me, I must always send him one.

Let's call him TDD (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous) because he is obviously tall, he isn't dark, hm, but he has brown hair, and dangerous because of everything he stands for: the rules of playerhood.

I am tempted to text.

I have sworn to stay off of the drama, but I really like him, I swear.

My night will consist of watching TV shows with my parents and only dreaming, without any hassles, about the great actors that fill my fancies.

Maybe some ice cream tonight?

Hm yes, Smarties Ice Cream.

Till next time,

Love Always,


The End

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