Confessions Of A Boy Addict

Hey there, I'm D. You can call this a blog, a story; whatever. These are my confessions of my life without boy drama (or me trying to give up on boy drama), can you follow along?

Hey fellow readers,

I find that life in the world of love is complicated enough. I don't need to feel guilty over always chasing some boy or eating a piece of cheese a minute while crying inwardly.

So I have decided no to chasing boys.

On here I will plot my days as I continue to fight temptation of who to want and how much I want some boy who temporarily captures my attention.

One entry a day, unless some radical event occurs.

I am sick of chasing boys, I am sick of always thinking I'm not good enough; so I am done with it. I am focusing on life, not who can make me happy.

I hope it lasts long. I'm going to be counting my days, will you count with me?

By the way, you can call me D. and I'm here to stay, can you handle the adventures of a boy crazy woman who is choosing to quit her one dangerous addiction cold turkey?

Until tomorrow,

Love always,



The End

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