Condom ConundrumMature

Roger stood in the family planning aisle of the pharmacy and agonized over his decision. Tonight was going to be the night with Allison, and Roger had everything ready.

Except one thing. Condoms.

Oh, he still had half a box at home, but they were months old and besides, if he used those Allie would think he screwed around at random. He did, but he didn’t want her to know that.

So he had to get a new sealed package, one he could open in front of her on their first night of lovemaking. One that showed that they were for her and only her.

But now Roger was faced with a wall of decisions. Should he buy the three-pack or the twelve? Three seemed sufficient for the night, but what if Allie saw it as a lack of commitment and got scared off? Twelve implied more commitment, but what if that scared her? Worse, what if she expected him to use the entire box that night?

A group of teenaged girls walked behind him on their way to the magazine racks and giggled. Roger started to sweat.

Five minutes later, Roger still hadn’t moved from his spot in the family planning aisle of the pharmacy. Not only did he have to decide how many condoms to get, but what kind as well.

There were the basic reservoir tips, with nonoxynol-9 lubricant. Surely that was all he needed. But then Roger glanced at all the other choices on the shelves. What if these were too basic?

There were ribbed condoms, microstudded condoms, condoms with spiraled texturing. What would Allie think of those? Would she see him as overcompensating?

Extra stimulating or desensitizing? What did that say about Roger’s skills and endurance?

Colors? Glow in the dark? Roger wondered how much attention he really wanted to draw to himself down there. Magnums? No way. Those just shouted disappointment.

Flavors? Would Allie really go for that?

Condoms with a vibrating ring attached. Roger bit his lip.

Just pick something, Roger told himself. Allison is coming over in an hour…

The End

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