The Task

               That night I couldn’t sleep because the Priestess words still played in my head like a recording I couldn’t stop. The wind howled outside and light flashed across the ceiling as my brain went back and forth over what had happened. 

            “Anything Priestess,” I told her when she smiled at me. “What is it you would like me to do?” The Priestess smiled again and began to walk to the front of the chapel. I followed her like I was taught to do and remained silent as I waited for her to speak.

             “First, you must know of the situation. If it wasn’t completely necessary I would not allow this to happen.” She turned her head and looked at me, her eyes lit up with something I never saw in her cool steady eyes before. “But then again, this is what you were chosen to do when you were born as one of us.” I nodded to her and she turned back around.

            “What is the situation Priestess?” I asked. As far as I knew everything was under control and we did not need to worry.

            “The rebels have been showing up in striking numbers. We do not know where they are all coming from. We have sent some of us out to search but we have not found anything yet, only learned of one thing.” She didn’t continue as she leaned down and lit a torch from a candle.

            “What is that, if I may ask, Priestess?” She walked towards a door at the left side of the chapel and I followed her.

            “There is a leader.” She said briskly to me. My eyes widened and I stopped myself from letting my mouth open too. A leader? I questioned to myself. This was not good at all. If the rebels had a leader, it meant that they had such great numbers that they needed someone who could control them. They needed someone in command to take what was ours.

The Priestess opened the door to reveal a dark staircase, which she began to descend and I followed. I had never been in this part of the chapel before, and the Priestess had never mentioned it before. The air cooled as she went down the winding staircase, and it smelled even more of blood than the chapel itself. I could hear the dripping of water, and saw all the spider webs that clung to the walls and ceilings. We came into a hall way that opened up wide and I realized what this was and why it smelled of blood. From what I could see with the torch everything from the ceiling down was made of stone, and there was no window or doors. It was a torture chamber, a prison, a cell. Chains were built into the wall and as we passed them I saw there were bodies attached to them. The first few bodies looked fresh and new, and smelled that way too. But as we continued to walk further and further into the darkness the bodies began more and more little, and in their place was bones. Eventually the bones were just lying on the ground as the chains dangled from the wall.

“We know who this leader is, and where he came from. We know all about his past and his bloodlines before him. We know all we need to, except where he is hiding. We have not been able to find the whearabouts of him, no matter how many we torture.” The Priestess said as we began to get closer to the back wall.

I responded to her already knowing what my mission would be, and what the consequences would be if I should fail to find this leader. “I will find him Priestess, you can count on me.” We stopped at the back wall because there was no where else to go. I could hear the squiring of rats run away as I waited for the Priestess to say something, the dripping water added to the effect of emptiness that was held in this place.

She turned and looked at me with a hint of another smile on her face. She gave a low chuckle while she answered me. “My child, I do not want you to go and find him.” Her words confused me.

“Who do you want me to find then?” She gave me a wicked smile as she pushed on a coble stone on the wall. I felt a low rumble as an opening in the wall began to appear. It was a hidden door and when the wall finally stopped moving the Priestess gestured for me to walk in; I hesitated for a moment. My brain was on high alert and my scenes were tingling from the darkness of the room. But one look at the Priestess and I stepped inside. As soon as I did lights popped on over head and they lit up the room. There were things I have never before seen in this room. There was clothing that looked weird and bizarre to me, and objects I couldn’t even explain. They looked shiny and hard, where as others looked dulled and broken.

“I want you to find his ancestor.” She said clearly as she walked into the room behind me. 

The Priestess explained to me what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to go back in time and find the leaders ancestor and kill him, so that there would never even be a chance of the leader being born. I couldn’t wrap my mind around that. I understood the killing part perfectly, killing was programmed into my brain that it came naturally to me; but how I was going to get to the ancestor through me off. How was I going to travel back in time to get to him? The Priestess told me that I would learn all in good time, but at that moment she needed to know if I was willing to take the task. Of course I accepted, I never turned down a task as big as this. She understood and led me back towards the chapel. Once we were back in the chapel and before I was ready to leave she told me that I had to promise that I wouldn’t speak one word to this about anyone. I didn’t question it out loud, but she must have known I was because she told me that they wouldn’t understand. No one knew of the place she had showed me; not even Cornelia. That made me very thrilled. I knew something Cornelia didn’t, and that was reason enough to keep my mouth shut and do what the Priestess had asked me to do.

I knew my task. Now I just had to wait until I knew how I was going to complete it.

The End

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