The KillMature

The mugger stood alone in the dark lost, confused and looking more like a small child than ever. A gasp escaped him as two scarred meaty palms grasped either side of his head in their vice like grip. “Say good night Gracie.” the man/shadow giggled insanely as his muscles bulged breaking his victim’s neck with a sick popping noise.

 The man stood above the newly created corpse, breathing in the cool night air and the smell of death. He felt that intoxicating click inside himself that came with every successful kill and revelled in its dark ecstasy.

            It was hot and the predator had made its kill.

            He bent over and started searching the pockets of his victim. Money wasn’t the reason he hunted but a little extra never hurt. A cheap aluminum chain, a wallet with a couple of dirty looking bills in it and an id card. Jackpot, a very expensive looking pocket watch hanging around his neck. It was probably an heirloom or maybe a good luck charm; it would make a nice souvenir. After all the man always liked to bring a little bit of his victims home with him.

            Two eyes peered out of the darkness, watching in horror as his buddy’s corpse was patted down for spare change. “Where had it all gone wrong?” he thought as he slowly edged away from the scene, being careful to be as quiet as he could. He skulked out the alleyway, holding his breath in fear, and once he thought he was far enough away he got up and started running. He had to tell someone. The police? Would they even believe him? He didn’t know but knew he had to try. He realized none of these questions matter when he heard insane giggling behind him and the sound of the hammer of a gun being cocked back.

            It was hot and this predator left no witnesses.

The End

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