Setting the TrapMature

            “Hand over your wallet buddy.” The mugger boy was getting more confident now and while the shake was still there it was impossible to notice right away. That was unless you happened to be very observant of course. The man didn’t reply, simply reached down to his right hand pocket in his faded blue-jeans and pulled out a wallet equally faded with age.

            “Kay, now put it on the ground and slide it over to me.” At least the mugger knew something of what he was doing; it would be too easy otherwise.

            A tremendous clang was heard and the boy’s head turned slightly, ever so slightly in its direction. His gaze couldn’t have left his would be victim for more than a moment but that was all the time this kind of man needed.

            One, two shots in a dark alley and a yelp of pain as the trash can lid hit its target. The boy clutched his hurt, which was inconveniently located in his broken nose. Tears blinded the mugger’s sight and when he looked up his target was gone.

            It was hot and the prey had fallen into the trap.

            His head whipping from side to side, the mugger looked around frantically for his target and saw nothing. “Where’d you go motherfuck!” the boy screamed in frustration fear so deep in his voice it sounded like it wasn’t ever coming out. A shadow darted across the alleyway and the mugger turned at it firing wildly. If the shadow had been the man, and not just a trick of the light, the shots would have hit him, but otherwise all they did was make a lot of noise.

The End

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