Concrete PredatorMature

Deliciously sadistic was how someone described it when I showed it to them. I think that fits just perfectly. This is one of the first stories I ever tried to write and this was my second attempt at it. Hope you like reading it I sure liked writing it.


It was hot.

            A large man stood in the cool heat of a summer night in Brooklyn. He closed the faded white door he had used to exit his apartment and started walking, leaving the safety of the overhead lights. This man was considerably more and less than that. He didn’t seem to walk by putting one foot in front of the other but glided forward. His eyes didn’t dart towards a rat that had scampered out of the shadows and across his way because he had already seen it. He was very observant after all. His thoughts were not the normal mish-mash of what he had done at work, that girl he was seeing, or that friend he was planning to meet but were one focused thing, and this man had only one thing on his mind.

            It was hot and there was a predator on the prowl.

            A bum, long demented by toxic drugs and demons, opened his mouth to warn off the intruder but then promptly closed it. He saw in those expressionless brown eyes the same thing every mouse, rat or sparrow knows. They were cat’s eyes, but not the kind of cat we cuddle up with at night for warmth. No, these were the eyes of a cat that chases a mouse into a corner and plays with it for hours, giving it hope only so it can rip it away. This is the cat that kills with a grin on its face. The man noticed the bum but didn’t slow.

            It was hot and the predator was not interested in small game.

The End

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