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Edward and Bella have been engaged in the year 1800's. One day, Edward dies. Hurt and broken Bella commits suicide but gets changed into a vampire. But... What happens when Bella meets DEAD Edward as a vampire in Forks??? Romance, love, mature content. Inspired by 'Love Story' By Taylor Swift. Pls comment :)

"We were both young, when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashback starts, I'm standing there"

Love Story - Taylor Swift.


Bella's POV


In the year 1854...


He smiled at me as he was sipping his glass of wine. I blushed immediately. Edward looked like a young Adonis, dressed in his black and white tux.


‘We are all gathered here to celebrate the engagement of my daughter Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason, son of Edward Mason Sr. and Elizabeth Mason. Their love has been blossoming from their young childhood till now. This is for their blossomed relationship!' My dad's voice rang through the hall as everybody raised their glass of wine to cheer us.


I loved Edward dearly. He is my life. He had always supported and been with me even when other children in my dad's empire had teased me when I was small. I'm so glad that I am engaged to the person who is my best companion. The one who understands me...


‘You seem deep in thought Miss. Swan' I heard his voice behind me. A smile broke in my lips as I turned to see my Edward smiling my favorite smile.


‘Well, thinking about my dearest Edward as always' I spoke turning behind and he took my white gloved hand toward his lips to kiss it. I blushed and smiled.


But then my face saddened as a thought came into my mind ‘Will you come back to me soon?' I asked him.


Edward's dad was a famous merchant. He went to trade from place to place with Edward and brought many goods and treasures to our empire. And tomorrow, they had to go to Chicago, Illinois.


He sighed ‘You are dressed beautifully, I see' Edward said, ignoring my question.


‘Edward...' I trailed off and he placed his finger on my lip, preventing me from talking.


‘Bella... I hate to do this. Every time I leave you and go... My heart isn't with me. It's always with you. And it hurts me so much to go away from you every time. This is going to be the last time I will be leaving you. My father is going to look after the job hereafter" He said.


"Okay" I whispered ‘T-Take care of yourself tomorrow. And... Hurry back to me soon'


He smiled diminutively ‘I will come back to you soon, Bella. I will always be with you no matter what. I love you" He promised and kissed my forehead.



                             ~Time Travel to 2006~

          (Many years after Bella's vampire transformation)



I still remembered his promise. He had told me that he would come back. But all I heard later was that he and his dad died suffering from Spanish Influenza that was spreading in Chicago. Even his body never came back. How many tears? How many cries? And how many sobs had I spent after his death?


My transformation was really bad to make it clearer. When I heard that Edward was dead, I jumped of a cliff in order to kill myself. I was half-dead that was when a vampire named Tanya had found me and changed me into a vampire... a soulless monster. I had also discovered my power which helped me to put on a mental shield on people and over me, protecting my mind from affective mental vampire powers. 


After the transformation, I had to leave my house with Tanya and her coven, writing a letter to my parents telling them that it was because of Edward's death and that I was heart-broken. I never saw my family and my dad's empire after that, which would be ashes right now.


Edward was all I ever wanted. And it's crazy to know that I still want him. Oh, Edward!


We had to move to Forks from Denali and enroll ourselves in a school, as we heard about some vampire hunters wandering over the forests where we hunted animals.


Sometimes, I do feel that death would have been easier than this kind of life I am living.


"Bella?" I heard Tanya's voice, as she walked towards me "Do you want to go hunting on our way or..." She trailed off. The Denali coven drank the blood of animals and lived their life, following the vegetarian diet and so did I.


"No... I'll be fine" I said. I didn't feel like drinking blood right now. Every time I hunted animals, I would remember the time when I and Edward would ride on horses and play with the animals in our empire when we were small and now I'm hunting those animals. Things had changed a lot.


"Are you alright with us moving to Forks?" She asked me, as she sat beside me on the wet grass.


"Yeah" I replied.


"You know it's going to be good there. And guess what? We're also having another vegetarian coven like us in Forks. We'll meet them" Tanya said smiling. I faked a smile.


Another coven like us? I thought we were the only one following this kind of diet. I was curious to know who they were. 


"Another coven?" I questioned her.


"It's surprising that you don't know about them. They are the Cullens. They are very close to us since 1700's. We're like cousins to make it straight" She finished. Oh. They do seem interesting. After her definition about them, I was really curious to meet the Cullens.


"Okay, Tanya and Bella let's get going" Garret called us "We have to run many miles" He announced. And I sat up from the grass, ready to take flight in my vampire speed to Forks. 


The End

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