Complicated (a work in progress, title may change)Mature

The year is 2360, culture from all periods of time is smushed together as the peopleof earth see fit, this is the story of Princess Lucinda aged sixteenand the second youngest daughter of the royal family of Lashyashire.

Vivid colours, reds, blues, purples, oranges, yellows, pinks, greens, whites and blacks too....all cascaded around the room in chaotic organisation.
"Hows this one?"
"It washes out her skin, try another!"
"What about this, it brings out her eyes?"
"No no no! Do you want her to look like a fruit salad?!"
"Sorry.....uh.....theres always the one in the back of the closet?"
"YES! Bring it here!"

My name is Lucinda Margaret Gissele Groundlas, I am an unimportant, yet important person in the royal family of Lashyashire. I am a princess but I am the second youngest of four and therefore I cannot inherit the throne. I am, however, elligible to those who want to marry their country with ours (to prevent the possibility of a war.) It is an old way of doing things yes, but it's not like I have any other role to play.

I am currently being fitted for a dress for the upcoming ball where I shall announce my engagement to the suitor chosen for me. I am sixteen and this ball shall take place on my seventeenth birthday, I shall then be married the day after I turn eighteen.

"Princess what do you think of this fabric?"

I open my eyes with a sigh to meet my gaze in the mirror, looking distastefully at my appearance, my long, brown, unruly hair, my slight tan-natural by the way, my form draped in a white nightgown I was forced to wear and then, my moss green eyes rest on the fabric, silver, as soft as silk and refelcting each colour of the rainbow.

I sigh "I trust your judgement George and Lewis, you are the best in the business afterall"
They smile up at me "Thank you princess"
I nod and smile back "Are we done?"
"Yes princess, we have your measurements noted down and we shall send word when the dress in ready"
"Your ball gown will not fail to impress" Adds the always eager Lewis-he's the poor guy who gets bossed around by George bless him.
They bow respectfully and I leave, the smile dropping from my face as soon as I'm out of sight. I glance around the marble hall ways, glad to see them empty-apart from the mish mash of old and new, since the year 2012 the world changed. All periods of time were looked at and the best bits were picked from all of them, it's the year 2360 now and so far this new arrangement worked, no more wars had sparked, in fact, most had been resolved, our new way of life enabled people to accept others' religions and ways of life so it's an okay world.

I look at the models of cars as I pass and shake my head, they seem so mismatched with the handpainted portraits on the walls but then, they are loves of my father-the cars I mean. Personally I dont care how I get places as long as I get there so cars aren't really my thing, neither are motor bikes, they're dangerous, loud, obnoxious, they polute the earth and cause so many damn accident, yopu wouldn't cath me dead on one! If I want excitement I go to a play, watch a film or open a book, I dont care how boring it sounds because at least I know I'm not going to die in a pile of hot greasy metal. Apart from that motor bikes are alright.

The End

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