Complicated: Chapter 41

I woke up at 5am the next morning with a plan to get Justin back clearly and precisely planned out in my mind. I smiled evilly with the optimistic thoughts of what was to come today. Getting in the shower, I mentally planned what I’d wear today. I wanted to look organised and business-like without wearing a suit or something similar. I eventually stepped out of the shower having decided on a dress which looked like more effort had been used on it than on my usual jeans and t-shirt under a hoodie.  It clung to my chest area before falling loosely to my lower thigh; all in a deep purple (which was my favourite colour so I wore it often) which would make me seem more comfortable in it as I usually wore purple when possible. I slipped on a pair of black ballet pumps and grabbed my black shoulder handbag, chucking all of my school junk into it. Putting my hair into loose curls for a change, I also decided a little make-up couldn’t hurt so I applied a layer of mascara and lip-gloss.

            On my way out of my room, I realised I needed to text Justin.

Me: I don’t want a lift in today. I’m going to drive myself, okay?

Justin: Okay, babe. I’ll see you at school. Love you xx

Me: Love you too xx

            I had to grit my teeth while sending the last text otherwise, I was afraid I may throw my phone at the wall. Taking a deep breath to calm myself back down into my neutral state, I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen saying, “Put the kettle on, Aiden. I need a coffee today” knowing he would be in here since it was now 6:34am.Wow, I thought,had I really been that long getting ready?

            “Okay, okay” he said, getting up from the table and walking to flick the switch on the kettle and getting a cup out of the cupboard by his head to make the coffee in. “Wow” he exclaimed, turning towards me, “What happened toyou?”. His jaw practically hit the floor, it dropped that much. Stifling a laugh, I replied, “I need to feel very … organised today” pausing to find the right word to insert in the statement.

            “Aiden” I say cautiously, wondering how he’s going to respond to my question. “Can you send me the photo ofhimplease? I need it for today.”

            Heaving a sigh, he said simply, “Okay, turn your Bluetooth on then” before proceeding to send me the photograph. Looking at it closely, examining it, I realised with a jolt who the girl making out with Justin was. “Aiden”, I said suddenly; clearly shocking him as he nearly fell over because he was turning around that quickly. I have to say the sight of him falling flat on his face nearly was a brilliant one; so hilarious! Once he had regained his balance fully, he replied with “Yes, Erica?” and his pained facial expression was classic as it turned out he hit his … area on the counter side. After my laughing fit finished, I finished my question. “Can you take me into school? I really don’t feel like getting a lift with Justin”

            “Sure thing, Sis” He told me with a smile that was clearly sympathetic. “You’d better text him then … he’s due to be here in a few minutes if not”


Me: Hey, Aiden’s going to give me a lift into school today apparently … sibling bonding I’m going to call it. See you there


            I left off x’s as I couldn’t bring myself to put them due to thoughts of what he did coming to mind when I went to. As I’m drinking the remains of my coffee, my phone buzzes.


Justin: Okay babe. I’ll see you there. Love you xxx


            I cringe at the words on the screen,Love you xxx. It burns a hole in my heart that I instantly put out.He cheated on you. It took everything I had but I finally managed to force a smile to appear on my face.

            “Come on, Aiden. Let’s go.”

            He instantly grabbed his keys, coming up to pull me into a bear hug saying, “Are you sure you’re okay? You really worried me yesterday when you ran off”

            “Yeah, I will be. Thanks Aiden and I’m sorry for worrying you” I reply, hugging him back while trying not to cry from the intensity of his care for me.

The End

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