Complicated: Chapter 40

I couldn’t believe it. Even though the picture of him with some blonde bimbo wrapped around him like a jacket was in front of me on the screen of Aiden’s phone, I didn’t believe it. I didn’twantto believe it. As my world began spinning around, I held my hand out to keep Aiden away as I turned and ran out the front door.

            When I got to the park, I finally gave in to the tears and sobs that were now flowing from me like there was no tomorrow. I sat down on the not-recently-painted green bench and put my head in my hands; allowing the sobs to shake my shoulders and the rest of my body. When I finally raised my head again, it was almost dark. I looked at my phone; it was 5:57pm. Had I really been there 6 and a half hours? Apparently yes.

            I stood up and, realising I needed to get him back for the embarrassment I now felt, started mentally planning my payback on …him. I needed to do something to get him feeling embarrassed and sorry for what he did to me. As I walked into my house it came to me.He’s never gonna wanna mess with a girl ever again, I thought to myself as my plan was forming and building in my brain.

           Tomorrow at school Justin Davis is going to realise he messed with the wrong girl.

The End

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