Complicated: Chapter 39

            “What’s wrong, Aiden?” I ask my brother whose face was drooped so far down I wasn’t sure he’d ever smile again. I walked up to Aiden and hugged him tightly.

            “I need to tell you something, Erica. The only problem is you won’t like it at all. He’s … he’s” He stammers to a stop.

            “He’s what, Aiden? What is it?” I ask, desperate to know what he was going to say. This is obviously stressing him out. He is never that sad and depressed. “Please tell me Aiden!”

            “I … I … I can’t do it, Erica. I can’t hurt you like that. You’d never want to speak to him again and I’m not sure you’d want to talk to me for telling you it. I’m sorry” he finishes in a rush before I’m forced to watch my brother run out of the room in a rush. “Aiden! Come back!” I yelled, running after him with tears burning in my eyes. As I caught up to him, tears were streaming down my face and my body was shaking with the sobs threatening to burst out. “Aiden! Just tell me who, please!” I yell in his face, holding both his arms so he was stood in front of me unable to run away again. “Please tell me what’s so bad that you ran away before you told me!”

            “Erica, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t want you to be heart broken.”

            “So this is about Justin, right?” I say cautiously, already dreading what might be said next.

            “Yeah, it is. Here, take a look at this picture” he says, reluctantly showing me his phone screen that now contained a picture. “I’m so sorry Erica. I really didn’t want to show you this” he apologetically says to me.

            Suddenly, my world seemed to crumble down around me. Nothing mattered apart from what was in front of me. Justin had been cheating on me.

The End

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