Complicated: Chapter 38

The next morning, I woke up and looked over at my clock: it was 10:26am and I realised I still hadn’t phoned Hayley. I needed to tell her I panicked and didn’t break up with him; if anything, I’d made it worse by telling him I loved him. He just had an effect on me that I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t make myself break up with him after I stared into those chocolate brown eyes of his that were magnetizing and full of love for me.

            I sighed as I realised that, if I didn’t ring Hayley, she was going to ring me. I sat up on the edge of my bed, picked up my phone, and dialled in her number. “Hey, Erica, how’d it go yesterday?” She answers sounding bubbly for once. It made a nice change, I have to admit that.

            “Not so good, Hayley” I say, unable to sound happy and also unable to stop a sigh escaping my mouth.

            “Uh-Oh” She said, “What went wrong? What did he do?”

            “I didn’t break up with him, I made it worse” I told her all about how it was all going to plan to begin with. I told her how the argument was going just how I’d hoped it’d be but when I went to make my dramatic exit he kissed me and made me forget. I also told her about the place he took me and how I’d decided I’d tell him we were through up there. “That was when he told me he loved me” I finished.

            “And that was when you realised you couldn’t do it” Hayley didn’t phrase it as a question, but I replied with “Uh-Huh” anyway. By this point, I was in tears.  “Hayley, I gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow at school” I say, hanging up the phone.

            I threw my phone onto the bed and flopped back onto my back on the bed with a grunt.Did I love him?Heck, I don’t know! I mean, he and I have chemistry (I think) and he does make me feel special. But, when I’m with people other than him, he gets super protective and jealous. He’s hot but he knows it too. He’s slightly vain but he’ll never admit it. You say to him “Wow, you’re hot” and he’ll reply seriously with “I know I am”. He has his flaws but, for some reason, I’m not sure I wanna dump him.

           Why did love have to be so confusing and hard to understand? Did I love him or did I just not want to say goodbye to our friendship? Was that why I couldn’t break up with him? Was I too afraid to lose him as a friend?

           A knock on the door brought me sharply back to reality. I sighed, realising quickly that it must be Justin. I ran my hands slightly through my hair as I walked towards the door, preparing myself for my boyfriend to be there and for him to kiss me like every morning. When I opened the door, I wasn’t at all surprised to find him standing there in his superman boxers and no shirt. Although it’s not appropriate for him to be walking around shirtless, I have to say I’m not complaining with his slight tan and his six-pack that was amazing.

            “Hey gorgeous” he says. I jokingly look around me as if looking for someone else he could’ve said that to. “I meant you Erica. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon in my entire lifetime. I love you so much”

            “I love you too Justin” I say with a smile. “But you can be incredibly corny sometimes” I say laughing.

            “Okay, okay. Can I please come in Babe?” He says sexily, already taking a step into the threshold. He kisses me, gently at first but then with more urgency. As he deepens the kiss, he pushes me further into the room and shuts the door behind him. He then fits our bodies better together as he lifts me up onto his toned waist, still kissing me. Justin then starts walking towards the bed and lays me down, hovering his body over mine while continuing to kiss me.

            His fingers start to play with the bottom of my shirt as our kiss gets more intense and he re-moulds our bodies; laying down this time though.

            A knock on the door interrupts us and he lets out a frustrated sigh “Damn” he mutters, getting up to go to the door to find Aiden stood there with a sleepless and depressed expression on his face which was very worrying.

            “I need to talk to Erica: alone”

The End

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