Complicated: Chapter 37

As I turned into the driveway, I only saw Justin’s car and froze when I realised no-one else would be there to stop it getting really bad.What if he just left me and continued his life like we’d never gone out? What if he didn’t even argue back? What if he made me forgive him?These were the questions running through my mind as I walked up towards my front door. I took a deep breath to steady myself before opening my door and walking into my house’s downstairs landing. “Where on earth were you Erica?” I hear.

            I sigh before replying, “It’s none of your business Justin! You’re always on my back lately! Why is that?! Don’t you trust me?! Don’t you trust that I’m not cheating on you?! You won’t let me be alone with anyone but you! I hate it!”

            “None of my business?!” he yells back. This was going exactly to plan so I let him continue with, “Of course it’s my business! I’m your boyfriend Erica! I need to know where you are!” before finishing the argument by yelling, “I don’t need you looking after me! I don’t need you! I’m out! I don’t wanna do this anymore Justin! I don’t want to be your puppet!”

            As I tried to run up the stairs to get away from him, he grabs my arm and pulls me to him before kissing me. The kiss is so filled with love and passion that I can’t help but kiss him back. I find myself allowing our lips to mould together. For a moment, I allowed myself to not feel angry at him and enjoy the moment that, about a week ago, Aiden ruined.

            But not completely: I managed to pull myself away from him and our moment I’d been waiting for. I made eye contact, just about to yell again, when I found myself speechless. Looking into those chocolate brown eyes that were eternally deep, I couldn’t make myself mad at him again, no matter how hard I tried. He kissed me gently and intimately before taking my hand and leading me to the front door. “Where are we going?” I ask, still slightly dazed.

            “You’ll see. I always go here when I need to get away from the world and be alone. Today, though, I wanna get away from the world and just be with you.” He says, opening his passenger side door for me to get in before going and getting in next to me. He started the engine and said nothing else until we pulled up in the middle of nowhere. All I knew about where we were; it was at the top of a mountain: I had realised we had been going uphill a lot in the journey.

            “Here we are” he said, getting out the car and walking around his Land Rover to open my door for me. I still can’t believe he has this incredibly manly, black Land Rover and then he has a totally girly car horn which Ryan and I had pimped out with our awesome skills.

            “Wow; it’s incredible!” I exclaimed. I meant it, too. It truly was incredible! All you could see for miles was green fields and perfect landscape.

            “The view’s amazing!” I tell him.

            From directly behind me, I hear him say, “It’s nothing compared to this view” and, as I turn, he gently kisses me. “Corny much?!” I say, trying (but not succeeding) to not laugh at his remark.

            “I know but it was true. It was completely, utterly, one hundred per cent true” he says in his defence. He obviously was trying to hide it but, by taking the mick out of him, I made him blush.

            “Did I ever tell you how much of a sucker I am for corny sayings and, by the way, did I ever tell you how hot you look when you blush?” I say. Not giving him a chance to reply, I step even closer to him and kiss him, putting everything I had into the kiss. All the sadness, the anger, the shame of giving in so easily, the feelings I felt for him and all the envy I have for Kate who was the only reason I didn’t go out with him before. I only started having feelings for him just before she and Justin got together just over 3 months ago.

            “Nope but have I ever told you how much I love you Erica?”

            “You love me?” I gaped at him, unable to contain my shock at this statement. I couldn’t believe he just told me he loved me! How on earth was I supposed to break up with him now?!

            “Yes, I do” he says. “Well guess what Justin Davis” I took a deep breath; unable to believe I was about to say this out loud. “I love you too” I finish, stepping into his arms and hugging him. I could feel he was in shock about that. Eventually though he relaxed and hugged me back before pulling away and kissing me with something that could only be described as pure love for me.

           What have I done?

The End

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