Author's note: 36-37 PLEASE READ!!

Okay so...I'm trying to add descriptions of people into Complicated so please tell me if it suits you and if the descriptions make sense! Also, if you have any ideas about what could happen in the story please personal note me!

I have some questions for you to answer also....

1...What do you think of Justin so far?

2...What do you think of Christian so far?

3...What do you think's going to happen when Erica tries to confront Justin?

4...Do you want a fantasy twist (like werewolf, vampire etc.) or not because I've been debating with myself about this and can't quite decide!

And 5...Who do you want to here from soon? Because I was thinking I haven't done a lot with her mother, Charlie or Anna.

By the way, Aiden comes into the story as a caring big brother soon! Bit of a sneak peak for you below (if you want to find out as it happens stop here!)

Something bad happens soon (something VERY bad indeed)

HA HA! You thought it was going to give specific information! Well TOUGH! I'm not giving specific details about what happens! :P

PEACE!! Love you all for reading Complicated!!<3

The End

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