Complicated: Chapter 34

“Oh my God, I am so incredibly sorry about what a jerk I was to you. I swear, if you give our friendship another chance I’ll never let you down again!” He gushes, hugging me. However, I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure if I was ready to trust him again. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever” I say, sitting down on the bench that was quite conveniently placed a few steps before I got to the shop. Ryan sat next to me and asked why I said I needed to talk to him.

            “It’s just … why did you and Justin fall out a while ago?”

            “Why? Erica, what’s happened?” He looked really concerned and worried for my well-being.

            “Well, he’s just been really clingy and when I went out the other morning and spoke to Christian for a while … he started interrogating me about it! I mean, I like him … I really do. It’s just; I wish he’d give me some space sometimes, that’s all” I tell him, once again confiding fully in my best friend (at least, I assume we’re friends again).

            “Wow … that’s why we fell out a few months back. He didn’t like me having other friends and, well, I told him that. He didn’t like it and said that he didn’t want to be my friend anymore if he wasn’t my only friend.” He says before leaning over and hugging me like we were still best friends.

            “Thanks for telling me that, Ryan. So, what do you suggest? Should I tell him how I feel or should I cope with him being possessive over me?”

            “I think you should follow your instincts, Erica. Now, I have to go. Got a girlfriend to meet” he says, winking at me. We stood up from the bench and I said “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow at school” while hugging him. Then, I watched him walk off before going back towards the centre of town.

The End

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