Complicated: Chapter 33

I sit on my bed and pick up my phone; dialling a number I had memorized by heart.

            “Erica?” He sounded truly shocked.

            “Yeah, it’s me. The corner shop in ten minutes. Be there: I need to talk to you.” I brief quickly and sharply before hanging up the phone, knowing he’ll be there. I needed to speak to him badly.

            I chucked on a pair of flare jeans and a t-shirt before blow-drying my hair and walking out my bedroom door. No surprise; Justin was still stood there.

            “Hey” he said, standing up. “What’s up? You look stressed babe.”

            “You” I said simply, walking past him and down the stairs quickly. I heard him coming down after me but I didn’t slow down or even turn my head. I just continued walking towards the front door. As I should have anticipated, Justin got behind me and stopped my by grabbing my arm. “Where are you going?” he asked me, still holding my arm.

            “Out; I need some air.” I say coldly, wrenching my arm away as I turn and walk out the front door. As soon as I was out of the driveway, I ran towards the corner shop at a full sprint. I knew Justin wasn’t following me and I also knew people were staring, but I needed to get away from him just for a while. He was clinging to me too much for my liking.

            Once I arrived, I saw him standing there waiting for me. “Hey” He says, turning around when he notices me.

            “Hey Ryan”

The End

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