Complicated: Chapter 31

As I walked in the front door, I was still thinking about what Christian told me. I call it self-emancipation.

            “Where have you been, Erica?” I heard Justin say as I walked into the front room.

            “I went for a walk … I couldn’t sleep” I replied simply. He got up from the soda and came and hugged me, saying into my ear, “Well, I missed you. Run into anyone on your little ‘walk’, maybe?”

            “Yeah, actually, I did. I ran into Christian … literally” I laugh at the memory of us two colliding at the corner. “What did you two do then?” he asks me; obviously not wanting to seem so desperate to know what I did every second of my life that I wasn’t with him.

            “Well … we … sat in the park for about a half hour talking before you text me” I reply, making my way into the kitchen. Before I can get there, however, Justin’s in my way; stopping me and attempting to force me to answer him when he asked what we had spoken about during that half hour. I did answer but not with an answer he probably expected, as I said, “We just caught up ‘cause, y’know, we haven’t really seen a lot of each other since he moved here. He told me about him, I told him about me: simple. Now, are you done interrogating me? If not, then I’m gonna go get changed out of my jogging bottoms and t-shirt into something a little more … presentable”. As I finish, I push past him, jog up the stairs and into my room; firmly shutting my door behind me.

            Why is he being so clingy and possessive lately?

The End

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