Complicated: Chapter 29

After getting out of the house without waking anyone up, I turned right at the top of the driveway, headed towards the Starbucks me and Justin went to the other night. I bought myself a white coffee with 2 sugars and, after drinking it, I continued to walk with no destination in mind.

            After about 5 minutes of walking, I decided to jog for a bit. I picked up my pace and turned down an alleyway and jogged through it and out the other end. Just as I turned the corner from the alley, I had a real ‘movie-moment’. I ran straight into the front of a guy and we both fell to the ground. “Oh my God! I am so sorry! Are you okay?” I gushed as we were getting up.

            “I’m fine, don’t worry. Are you okay?” the familiarity of his voice took my breath away.

The End

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