Complicated: Chapter 26

I walked out of the cinema and quickly made for the stairs, Justin behind me. We got outside and he stopped me and turned me around, forcing me to face him. “What’s wrong Erica? What did I do?”

            “What? Why’d you think you did something wrong, Justin?”

            “You practically ran from me after that film! Did I do something wrong?”

            “Of course not!” I replied, before kissing him, putting my hand in his, and pulling him out of the rain which was beginning to soak us right through as we had stopped in the middle of the town square. “C’mon you, let’s get you to mine. Your bruises are still really bad!”

            I turned and walked down the street, Justin by my side. When we got back to mine, I told him I was tired and that I was going to bed. I said I’d see them all in the morning.

The End

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