Complicated: Chapter 24

We walked into the cinema and Justin walked up to the counter to book our tickets while I waited by the cinema door. “Well, hey Erica! This is such a pleasant surprise!” I heard someone say animatedly behind me. I turned to see Justin’s ex, Kate, stood behind me, fake smile plastered onto her face. Last time I spoke to her was 5 months ago, when Justin dumped her for cheating on him. She was running out of school crying and screamed at me to get out of her way.

            I have to say, she looked good and happy again. She’d put on the weight she’d lost starving herself ‘from the grief of being dumped’ again. She’d also dyed her brown hair a platinum blond and had grown it to her waist. Well, I’d say it’d go to there but, as it was curled, it was slightly shorter than that. Finally, I managed to get over my shock of the change enough to say, “Umm … hi, Kate.”.

            “Look, I just wanted to say, I’m glad Justin’s happy with you and all, but … stay away from him or someone’s going to get hurt.” She was trying to threaten me! The … the … GRRRR! I can’t believe even her would sink to this level!

            Anger flowing through me, I said through gritted teeth, “Don’t try to threaten me, Kate. He’s the one who asked me out. Anyway, do you really think I care what you say?” By the time I’d finished trying not to yell at her, my hands were balled up in fists and I’d taken a couple of steps towards her instinctively.

            “Okay, Okay.” She said, “Spend as much time as you want with him, Just don’t blame me when people you love start to get hurt.” Just then, her face brightened back into the fake smile. It was almost as if someone had flipped a switch in her brain. All of a sudden, I realised why that’d happened, as she said, waving, “Hey Justin!” as animatedly as she had with me to begin with me. Unlike me, Justin was completely fooled by her false façade and said, just as animatedly, “Oh my God Kate! It’s great to see you again!” before hugging her. Over his shoulder she smirked at me, making the moment between them intimate. Most likely to try and make me jealous of her. It’s not gonna work though: No way am I going to let her suck me into that little game of hers, just like I’m not going to stop being with Justin because of some stupid little threat.

            They finally pulled away from their hug and I stepped forward, grabbed Justin’s hand possessively, and said with a fake smile plastered onto my face for Justin’s sake, “Well, as nice as that little meeting was, we gotta go. If not, we’ll miss the beginning of the film.”

            “Okay, see ya” She said with that fake façade again, before she walked, hips dangerously swaying, out of the cinema.

            “You’re jealous!” Justin said, teasing me.

            “No way am I jealous of her! I have no reason to be!” I said before letting go of his hand and grabbing my ticket before starting up the steps. I could hear him behind me laughing before starting to run up the steps to join me.

The End

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