Complicated: Chapter 23

We walked back into the house and Mum had joined Aiden at the kitchen table. “One second.” I mumbled to Justin, before walking towards Mum and bending down to mumble in her ear, “Thanks for asking Justin yesterday if he likes me”. I then walked back to Justin and said, “You wanna go see a movie?”.

            “Sure, let’s go”

            As we left the house, a sudden thought occurred to me. “Justin, does your dad know you were at mine last night?”

            “Nah. He won’t care though. He wouldn’t care if I just packed up and left. He’d probably find it easier.”

            “That’s not true! Anyone would be lucky to have you around, Justin! Stop dragging yourself down” I say as I grab his arms and turning him to face me.

            “Okay, I’m sorry Erica. I didn’t mean for you to get upset about-” I stopped him speaking by walking up to him and hugging him hard. He gave up talking and wrapped his arms around my back and I leant my head into the crook of his neck. This is what a sweet moment is like. He pulled back but didn’t let go of me. Instead, he bent his head towards me and kissed me intimately; right there, in the middle of the outskirts of London! I pulled away and turned towards the town centre, before starting to walk away. Suddenly, he was there beside me, holding my hand again. Like always.

The End

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