Complicated: Chapter 22

            After breakfast, we went for a walk. I needed to talk to him.

            “So …” He started. I repeated what he said. I don’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to ask him. C’mon you chicken, do it! Wow, I’m saying that a lot lately.

            “You wanted to speak to me?” He says, giving me a questioning look whilst waiting for an answer. Suddenly, I couldn’t contain my anger anymore. This needed to be said.

            “I heard you and my mum talking last night!” I blurted before I could stop myself. I turned around to hide the shame of the fact I just admitted I had eavesdropped on their conversation, when it had nothing to do with me, before turning back to him. “You told her you didn’t like me! You were lying to me all along, Justin! Just admit it! You’re a liar and I wish I’d never said yes to that date yesterday!” I yell at him, my anger and frustration clear in my voice.

            “What exactly did you hear, Erica?” He asks me, obviously unsure of what was going on. Like he didn’t know! I knew he was a good actor, but, I didn’t know he was this good!

            “I heard … I heard Mum ask you if … if you liked me” I manage, through my sobs that were now causing my body to shake both with sadness and anger. “You said no!”

            “You obviously didn’t hear what else I said then” He says calmly: clearly relieved. I look at him confused, so he continues, “I said ‘No, Ms Johnson. I don’t like her; I love her. I feel complete when I’m with her and empty when we’re apart. I want to always be with your daughter Ms Johnson’.”

            My jaw dropped. So, he did like me after all! “Justin … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions about what I heard. Can you forgive me for it?”

            “Of course I can, Erica! If not, I wouldn’t still be stood here: I’d of run if I couldn’t forgive you. We’re all allowed to make mistakes. Come here”, he said, walking towards me. He wrapped his arms around me and I couldn’t resist the comforting warmth I felt through my body. After pulling away, he put my hand in his and we walked back to mine in a comfortable silence (which was weird, considering what had just happened).

The End

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