Complicated: Chapter 19

Someone walked up from behind me. It was dark and shadowy in the alley and I didn’t know where I was, but I wasn’t scared or unhappy. I was actually very happy and giggly. When he put his hand on my shoulder, it felt familiar. Nice, too: It made me feel warm despite the wind that was going around the alleyway. It was amazing; I didn’t even feel my hair move: it was almost as if, by putting a hand on my shoulder, he’d managed to create some sort if force field blocking everything bad for a short time.

            He removed his hand and I felt the wind start to pick up again. Maybe I was imagining it, I don’t know. I turned around to face him and the familiarity of the face and body shape and build took my breath away. When he spoke to me, once again the wind could no longer be felt. “I love you Erica and I have since I first saw you” he said in his deep, familiar and soothing voice. He moved towards me and kissed my lips gently.

The End

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