Complicated: Chapter 18

            “So, what did you and Mum talk about while me and Aiden were upstairs?” I asked Justin as we sat in the spare room after Mum had finished “first aiding” him.

            “Well … y’know … stuff” he replies, clearly anxious to tell me. I urge him to tell me more so he says, “we talked about where we went tonight and how I got these” Justin made circular motions with his hand around the bruises on his face. “And what did you tell her happened?” I question further.

            “I said Ryan beat me up, but I said nothing more than that. Well, I’m tired. Do you mind if I go to sleep now?”

            “Sure” I stood up and started towards the door, but I stopped and walked back to him; now in the bed. I bent towards him and kissed him before saying “Thanks for tonight. It was brilliant of you to think to take me out to get my mind off things”. I looked straight into his brilliantly deep brown eyes while pulling away from the kiss and speaking. It took all my strength to not show my anger or take it out on the side of his face in a good old fashioned slap.

            I was half hoping he’d say that wasn’t the main reason but, unfortunately, all he replied was, “No problem, anytime Eri” with a smile that looked like it could kill (if he had enough energy at this point in time, that is).

            I gave him one last quick kiss before turning off the light, shutting the door and walking down the hallway to my room 2 doors down. I sat on my bed and let out a tiny scream of frustration before lying down and drifting slowly to a deep sleep for the first time in nearly 2 weeks.

The End

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