Complicated: Chapter 17

When we arrived upstairs in the spare room to the left of the stairs, Aiden turned to me and said, “Erica, did you pick up the key from the cloakroom?”

            “Oh my god: no, I didn’t. I’ll go get it now: be right back” I say as I turn and walk slowly back down the stairs. As I turn to go to the cloakroom to the right of the stairs, I heard my mum speaking.

            “So, you really like her? You do: don’t you?” She was asking Justin whether he liked me. This was interesting so I slowly turned and walked to the door, which was slightly open, and listened in to the conversation. “No, miss Johnson. I don’t like her.” Mum and I had never been close enough for my friends, except from Ryan who’d never call his friend’s mum by that, to call her Anne instead of ‘Ms Johnson’. I can’t believe it: he didn’t like me after all! That liar! I couldn’t stand there and hear any more so I grabbed the keys and ran up the stairs; not caring if they heard me.

            My mind was racing. He didn’t like me? I was right about thinking he might’ve asked me out to get my mind off things. However, I was wrong about believing him when he said he wasn’t out to break my heart and hurt me. Whatever, I thought, if he wants to pretend I don’t know, then that’s the way it’ll be. As I reached my brother, I pulled myself back to reality and handed him the key in an underarm throw. I watched him open the door and step in. I followed him and switched on the light after me. It was a bit dusty but we ignored it and started moving the boxes off the bed into neat piles on the floor over the other side of the room. I decided, after 10 minutes of the dust around me, that I should open the window by the back of the room. I made my way round the few boxes that weren’t moved yet to the window and, struggling, forced it open. I had to admit, this room had the best view out of the 4 bedrooms in the house: even better than mine.

            “You like him, don’t you?” Aiden asked me. Ahh, I see what they’re doing; they’re gonna ask us both and find out for themselves.

            I take a deep breath, steadying myself, before answering my brother, “Yes. I do.”


            “Because he gets me Aiden: he understands what I’m like: my strengths and my weaknesses; my flaws and my best qualities. He knows me Aiden, and I think I know him too.” He drops the subject then and I look back outside the window I was previously looking out of.

            Looking straight out, you could see fields, full of flowers, since it was the middle of April. It looked amazing. I forced myself to leave the window and help Aiden finish moving the boxes. “It wasn’t that bad; I don’t know why Mum wanted us both to do it.” He said to me as we finished with the last 2 boxes.

            I know why. She obviously wanted to talk with Justin alone and ask him if he really liked me. Y’know what; it was nice to know she cared enough to do that, even if she wouldn’t show it in front of me.

The End

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