Complicated: Chapter 16

We pulled up in front of my house and I helped him out the car. “Erica … I can walk myself, y’know!” Justin said as he refused to let me help him to the house, despite the bruises on his face. However, I didn’t let go as I dragged him to the front door and knocked on it loudly.

            Aiden opened the door, distracted. “Erica … why didn’t you just use your key like you norm-” he stopped talking as he realised I had Justin (beaten-up and bruised) supported by my arm. His eyes grew wide and he put his phone in his pocket (for once in his life: it’s always in his hands or held between his shoulder and ear) before he helped me get Justin, now looking pale and feeling very sweaty and clammy, through the hallway and onto the couch in the front room. When I was certain Aiden had him, I left Justin on the couch to go and find Mum.

            She was in the kitchen, stirring something that, although it didn’t look like it, smelled a lot like chilli (chilli someone had previously thrown up; but chilli non-the-less).  “Mum! Help! Please … Justin got beat up and we need a first aid kit in the front room right now!” By now, I was in tears again. Mum turned around, meeting my eyes for a fraction of a second before reaching into the top of the cupboard, getting out the first aid kit, and rushing past me into the front room.

            As I watched her kneel down by the sofa and open the first aid box, I went around the back of the couch and sat on the arm by Justin’s head. Mum pulled out a pack of clothes, soaked them in what looked (and smelled) a bit like Vodka. I guess that made sense; after all, alcohol is supposed to help kill bacteria and helps clean the wound. “Erica, go upstairs and sort out the spare room for Justin please.”

            “Ok” I mumbled as I walked upstairs to sort the room out for Justin to sleep in. Just before I got to the stairs, Aiden was behind me. “Mum said to help you: the room’s messy, apparently.”

            That’s weird, I didn’t think it was that messy and, by the look on Aiden’s face, neither did he. Anyway, we shook of the thought I was sure we were both having and went up to see how bad it actually was.

The End

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