Complicated: Chapter 14

“Is this what you call hurting her?”

            Justin jumped so high I would’ve laughed if I wasn’t as scared as he was. He  stood up and turned around to look at Ryan, who was now walking (or should I say storming) towards our table. “Ryan! I was never going to hurt her, okay? I wouldn’t do that to her!”

            “Then why did you tell me you would?” Ryan yelled in Justin’s face. He couldn’t have been more than 5 inches away now. “Why did you tell Erica that you wouldn’t ever let her get hurt again?” Justin retorted just as loudly. His voice sounded about as shaken as his facial expression. Justin hadn’t as much as blinked when Ryan had yelled in his face; let alone flinched.

            I ran and got in between them, facing Justin as I refused to talk to Ryan (or even look at him) right now, “You two! Maybe we should leave!”

            “Gladly” Ryan says coldly, before turning and storming out of the door, pushing unsuspecting people out of the way without even giving them a second glance: what a brat!

            “Sorry Erica,” Said Justin, looking sadder than I’d seen him in a while (actually, I might have never seen him this sad). “I guess it didn’t really go as well as it should have tonight.”

            “It doesn’t matter Justin. Look, let’s just get out of here and go somewhere else.” I say, turning to face him, most likely stood closer to him than Ryan previously was. “Don’t let Ryan get the best of you. Please, it’s all I’m asking.” He nods and takes my hand, entwining our fingers, before leading me out of Starbucks, our shoulders brushing.

The End

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